How much is a course?


It depends on how many people attend the course, how long it is, how much work there is before and after the course, and how much we have to adapt the content for your needs.


The typical cost of a respectable, well-qualified business writing course in the UK is about £300 a head for a day. We charge far less than that.


If we have to travel more than an hour to the location, we add travel and subsistence expenses at cost.


How many can attend?


The minimum is 3, and the maximum 12. However, if you would like to run a workshop for a bigger group, we could certainly adapt it.


Can you help me sell this idea to the management?


Yes - just ask us. Our experience is that once managers know what the courses are about, they usually want to take part in some form.


Are there any writing errors on this website?


Of course.






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